Seller Visits: Stylistpick

Having huge collaborations with the likes of Cheryl Cole and the Olsen twins under their belt, we couldn’t wait to grill Stylistpick’s Trend Editor, Cassie Fitzpatrick, on which celeb’s wardrobe she’d like to raid, as well as having a good snoop around their studio…

Hi Cassie! Tell us a bit about what you do at StylistPick…

Where to begin? We are still a relatively small company which is super fantastic as I get to muck in across multiple areas. My official title is Trend Editor and I work closely with the buying team to develop our Stylistpick footwear, handbags, accessories and soon to be clothing lines and ensure that we offer commercial and trend driven product at a competitive price. At the start of each season I compile comprehensive trend bibles which are split into product category groups. This involves going through every show with a fine tooth comb, picking out the key commercial shapes and must-have pieces we should be looking at for forthcoming seasons. I also look at hot new colours, material and details and filter these into the packs. In addition I also compile monthly comp shop reports to spy out what the competitions up to and check out what trends they are tapping into. 

Another big aspect of my job is styling the look book and the homepage editorials shoots this is done on a monthly basis – it's so important to keep the site looking fresh and exciting to make sure customers keep coming back! I'm really passionate about is street style and when I first joined the company we started Stylistpick I was super keen to get out there and start papping. Whether its snapping a gaggle of gorgeous girls road testing our latest styles (check out our stylistpick live event) or stalking my fellow stylistpick staffers rocking out their SP's finest for Instagram - I love the idea of real girls wearing our styles in their own unique way.

Can you give us a heads up on what accessories we should be getting our hands on this season?

The knuckle duster boxy clutch! It taps into that whole glam, Gothic baroque vibe and nothing says fierce and fabulous like a knuckle duster clutch!

A difficult one - what’s your favourite piece in the current collection?

We have so much newness it's hard to decide but I love the mid heel ankle boot, Alea. The mid-heel western profile has been around for a few seasons now but I love how our buyers have updated it! That heavy block heel, gentle curve of the topline and the sprinkling of studs - perfect for the military trend which is currently dominating the high street. 

How would you describe your personal style?

Schizophrenic. I like colour as I feel it cheers things up a bit especially with winter well on its way and I love mixing one off vintage pieces with more of my high street buys. I'm completely trend obsessed  (it comes with the terriority), but I like to put my own spin on things. I love fashion, but I'm not a slave to it.

Stylistpick has worked with a number of celebrities, from TV stylists such as Grace Woodward to Cheryl Cole – but which celeb’s wardrobe would you most like to raid?

I love Erin Wasson and have the biggest girl crush on her ever but I don't think her wardrobe would be THAT amazing, probably a lot of Alexander Wang and not much else so I'd probably go for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.  Not just because we stock their current shoemint lines, but because I think they have the most amazing effortless and LA bohemian style which is pretty much polar opposite to mine! Oh and seeing as they're twins, you'd get two wardrobes for the price of one, winner!

And finally - killer heels, wedges or comfy flats?

Killer heels every time. The bigger the better I say, and that's speaking as a 5'11 girl.

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