Stylistpick opens their ASOS Marketplace Boutique. Woot!

Stylistpick have joined forces with Marketplace to offer a handpicked selection of their most-coveted clothes and accessories via their new ASOS Marketplace boutique - and the best bit - all the pieces are curated by leading celebrity stylists, including Grace Woodward and Louise Roe.

Launching with a special edit of their products, Stylistpick are including all of the must-haves from their collaborations with Cheryl Cole, and the Olsen Twins’ Style Mint line.

From preppy loafers to metallic backpacks, there are clothes and accessories to suit a range of styles - something Stylistpick pride themselves on. Read on to get a glimpse of a few of our faves, or see what takes your fancy over at the Stylistpick boutique