Halloween DIY: Spider Fascinator

Glitter and glue at the ready because Hatastic are here to show us  how to dress up our ‘dos for Halloween.

What you’ll need:

Old Black Hat
White string bag
2 x Polystyrene Balls in different sizes
PVA Glue & applicator / brush
Needle and black thread
Black and red glitter

Step 1:
First thing to do is start making the body of the spider. Take the smaller polystyrene ball and thread onto one end of the wire, fold the wire back onto itself and push into the end of the ball so there are no sharp edges.

Step 2:
Brush PVA glue over the ball, sprinkle black glitter and spray with hairspray to fix the glitter. Push the larger of the two balls on the other end of the wire (as before) but don’t close the end of the wire.  Finally brush PVA on the top and bottom of the sphere and cover with glitter, spray with hairspray and leave to dry.

When everything is dry, brush the middle with PVA and carefully sprinkle the red glitter making sure it doesn't spill onto the black glitter. When done spray with hairspray and leave to dry suspended

Step 3:
 Now take the hat and cut off any brim and ribbons, trimmings etc. With your bare hat crown, draw a faint oval shape on the centre of the hat (to give you a guide where the body will sit and the legs will be). Cut into the hat so that the feet are the edge of the hat so they are as long as possible. Once your two balls are completely dry, push the bigger ball up to the small one and tuck the wire in as you did before removing any sharp edges. 

Step 4:
Now take the centre of the legs and sew onto the centre of the white new where the knot is. Roughly sew in a small area so it doesn't twist or turn – don’t worry any messy stitches will be hidden by the body of the spider.

Step 5: 
Sew the top of the two front legs together, and then at the back so the legs naturally sit up at the knees.

Step 6:
Take the now dry glittery body and place it in the centre of your legs and sew in-between the two balls three or four times (until it feels secure). Stitch the feet down onto the net and neaten the felt base by shaping the felt under the body and cut the legs until they look more delicate and spider like!

To see the DIY in action check out our video below, where we 'hung out' with Chloe on Google Plus whilse she put together her spook-tacular hat.