Halloween DIY: Cut-out Skull T-shirt

You know that top you have lying around that you never wear?  Colour Outside The Lines can help you transform it into a super easy to make Skull cut out T-shirt - no sewing required!

What you’ll need:

A marker pen
Pair of scissors
Top/T-shirt (preferably baggy)

Step 1:
Lay the fabric out flat on a smooth surface and draw a skull face on the back of the t-shirt (it doesn’t have to be neat, as this fabric is being cut away!)

Step 2:
Begin to cut the eyes, nose and mouth out. Make sure you cut around the thin lines in between each feature to create more of a dramatic look and this especially works well around the mouth area. 

Step 3:
Keep the sleeves long or if you are feeling scissor happy, chop them off for more of a party look! 

Check out the DIY in action below, where we 'hung' out with Lauren from Colour Outside the Lines on Google Plus whilst she put together her killer skull t-shirt.