Halloween DIY: Black Widow Headpiece

Get inspired by Bohemian Rose Vintage and up-cycle your old jewellery this Halloween to create a brand new headpiece.

Check out the step by step photo guide below, or check out Google Plus Hangout we had Leanne from Bohemian Rose Vintage to see a video of the DIY in action.

You’ll need:  

Spider Charm or Brooch
Approx  35” each of black and gold chain
A clasp
7 x medium jump rings
2 Pairs of pliers
1 pair of wire cutters

Step 1:
Measure the chain by wrapping around your head (leave a little extra chain as you may want to adjust the size once you've finished). Once you have the right the size cut the excess off with the wire cutters.

Step 2:  Attach a clasp onto one end of the chain using a jump ring.

Step 3:  
Cut the original piece of chain in half and attach each end to the brooch using jump rings. 

Step 4: 
Measure a piece of gold chain from the top tip of the brooch to the ends of the pieces of chain which are already attached. 

Step 5:
Attach one end to the top of the brooch and the other to the jump ring which attaches the clasp.

Step 6:
Repeat steps 1, 3, 4 and 5 for the black chain, attaching to the web and ends of the gold chain.

Step 7:  
Place on your head and adjust the size using the clasp accordingly. 

Want to see a video of the DIY? We 'hung out' with Leanne on Google Plus, so you can see her at work below. Good luck!