Halloween DIY: Scaredy Pants

This one is for all you scaredy pants! Grace Du Prez has customised a pair of pants that are perfect to wear over tights or leggings for a Halloween night out.

What you’ll need:

Hair Extensions
Leather of felt
2x Beads
Sharp needle and thread

Step 1:
Cut some scary shaped eyes out of leather or felt. Then glue them onto the front of the pants along with two jewelled beads (or old earrings!)

Step 2:
Sew approximately 52cm of hair extensions around the outside of each of the leg holes.

Step 3:
Cut out the same length of leather to make the teeth -but you'll need an extra 2cm on the width so that you can fold over the raw edge. Then sew this over the top of the hair extensions to hide the edge. 

Step 4:
And finally take your scaredy pants to the next level by gluing on some spikes.

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