The Collectors: Burger, Burger&Fries

We spent a little time with Burger, one half of boutique Burger&Fries to find out just what fuels his obsession for Disney characters and quirky caps...

Tell us about your collection...

I bought my first hat about 4 years ago – I never used to wear anything on my head, but since I bought my first, it opened a whole new world. I've not stopped buying them ever since. Plus, they are the only thing people buy me as presents now! It’s the same with toys…I don’t buy them as much any more, but I get given them as presents all the time.

What do you see and just HAVE to buy?

I buy everything Disney…or Spongebob. It’s really childish of me!

How do all your trinkets inspire the things you make?

I make flat-brimmed baseball caps with things added on top – and those things are usually toys, or very childish. Like those melt-on beads, Barbie heads or other doll pieces…

That means you have to buy even more toys, right?

Yeah! It’s a great excuse - “I bought this toy to make a living!” .

How did you start collecting Disney hats?

I get most of them on eBay! Most of the things I have are from eBay or ASOS Marketplace. I saw this one (mickey mouse) first on Brick Lane market and thought ‘why don’t I start a collection?’. So now I go online and look for them. I wear them, too – they aren't just stored away collecting dust. 

And how about this trendy looking couple?

My Barbie and Ken were a university project – it was inspired by a French designer called JCDC. I re-created a collection out of lego bricks. I'm not sure it got a very good grade, but it was fun making it!

Head over to the Burger&Fries Boutique to see the stuff Burger creates with his collectables.