Marketplace Collective/ Vanessa Coyle

Vanessa Coyle, Senior fashion features editor for Harpers Bazaar is part of our Marketplace Collective, selling her ‘wears’ through our temporary boutique to celebrate London Fashion Week. Scroll on down below for a preview of the items available direct from Vanessa’s wardrobe, then get ready to pounce when the Marketplace launches at 12pm tomorrow (Friday 18th February).

1) Balenciaga Cropped Wool Jacket with shearling. Selling for £550.

I'm a huge fan of the Balenciaga Fall 2004 collection and always keep an eye out for pieces to collect, so when I saw this jacket on eBay I had to have it. Sadly it’s a bit too small on the shoulders for me! I love it and loathe parting with it, especially as it’s such a collectible item...but its wasted sitting in my wardrobe, it’s really special and needs to be worn!

Chanel red tweed skirt. Selling for £180.

I bought this a few years ago because I loved the colour and the texture of the boucle. However I tend to wear much darker colours these days, so it’s been relegated to the back of my wardrobe which is such a shame. It’s in great condition, and I'd rather it go to a new home.

Roberto Cavalli black mesh ankle boots. Selling for £150.

I loved these boots; they were a gift from a good friend, but I have many pairs of ankle boots and they are too similar to others I own. They're too good not to be worn so I have decided to sell them on for £150.

You can shop Vanessa’s items from our Marketplace Collective boutique, opening tomorrow (February 18th) at 12pm.