The Marketplace Collective/ Susie Lau aka Susie Bubble


The Marketplace Collective opens on Friday 18th February at 12pm. London’s most stylish have set up shop and are selling items directly from their own wardrobes. Susie Lau, aka Susie Bubble has raided her closet to bring you 3 items from she’s willing to send to a new home. Eagle eyed readers might well recognise what’s up for sale from previous outfits posted to Susie’s Blog, Style Bubble.

What are you selling on ASOS Marketplace?

1) A pale pink dress striped with black lace by Brick Lane boutique The Lazy Ones. Selling for £20


It just hangs the right way and allows your arms to be free to gesture wildly.

2)Dolce & Gabbana silver lame cropped trousers I bought in Bang Bang on Berwick Street a year ago. Selling for £45


The fabric is slightly padded enough to give them some structure.

3) A Preen dress that I bought in Selfridges about three years ago. Selling for £60


It's made out of thick grey cotton with some stretch in it and it has a zipper that runs all the way down the back. I tend to wear it over grey jersey t-shirts just because it isn't really a dressy dress despite the body conscious lines.

Why have you decided to sell these items?

I really have worn the Lazy Ones dress waaaaay too many times and it got me through the summer of 2008 when it got unbearably hot on the tube.

The trousers were a bargain and I thought I would wear these a lot as I love anything with lame on it but as it turned out, they got left behind on the trouser rail.

I think when I was working in a smart casual office environment, I wore the Preen dress a lot but seeing as I'm free of office uniforms now, it's sort of been lying around doing nothing.

What will you replace them with?

Any vintage cocktail pyjama sets I can get my hands on - I've been obsessed since buying a set from Alfie's Antique Market.

What would you like most to buy from ASOS Marketplace?

Everything from the Love Getting Dressed vintage boutique.

You can shop Susie’s items from our Marketplace Collective boutique, opening tomorrow (February 18th) at 12pm.