5 Things/ Claudia Pink

We asked our sellers to send us images of 5 things that inspire them. Have a look below at what floats the boat of jewellery designer Claudia Pink.


1. This is a photo I took in Marrakech. One of my favourite places in the world.

2. Burning Man festival, Nevada, USA. I took this just as the sun was setting and this has since become one of my favourite images. Beautiful.  

3. There are so many interpretations of Cleopatra. I love them all! (Image via Cinema Roll)

4.Biba always inspires me. I love the mix of deco and exotica. (Image via Fashion Capital)

5.Kelis is strong and stylish. An Icon. ( Image via Soul Culture)

Claudia Pink sells vintage inspired jewellery on ASOS Marketplace. Shop her full collection here.