Calling It/ Armoury

‘Calling it’ today is Rachel Caplan, creative director of Boutique by Susan Caplan, staking her style claim on the armoured jewellery trend. Prepare for a seriously sartorial war - En guard!

Asos 'Calling It'

“During a time of unprecedented uproar, fashion takes on our cultural revolt by storm.  Brave empowering pieces that echo a world of anti-establishment inspire the Armoury trend. Boutique by Susan Caplan introduces a world of neo-gothic class featuring heavy breast plate necklaces, chainmail wrist wear, double armour rings and a multitude of impressive silver tone”.  

P.S This trend has been seen this week on Daisy Lowe at Tuesdays British Fashion Awards 2010, wearing the Boutique by Susan Caplan 1970s Silver Tone Indian Bracelet With Attached Rings – the item’s already been snapped up from the marketplace, but you can battle it out for similar styles by shopping the full Boutique by Susan Caplan collection here.

diasy lowe copy