This is the story of/ Faster by Mark Fast

Knitwear designer Mark Fast, shares the story of his diffusion line Faster by Mark Fast, available on ASOS Marketplace now.

Mark Fast, designer

“Faster began when we had a sample from a knitwear atelier that wasn't quite what we expected. Out of the blue one of the studio staff put the sample on and stretched it over their leg and we thought "That would be perfect for a pair of tights!"

We put the tights in our goody bags at our ‘SS10 show and a craze began...Women wearing the tights while riding their bikes and causing accidents, Faster girls getting all the attention at the clubs...It's even been worn by some seriously fashionable men. From Hollywood restaurants to Paris discotheques to Japanese rock concerts, Faster is everywhere! When in doubt....stretch it out! Amen!”

Mark Fast, photographed in East London by Fiona Garden. Click here to shop the full Faster by Mark Fast collection.