Fashion Manifesto/ Lucy Tighe, Never Fully Dressed

Two outfits from the 'never fully dresse' collection

“So, with a family background of East End market traders, now residing in Essex...naturally...Never Fully Dressed shines somewhere between the Painfully trendy backstreets of Shoreditch, and the Sunbed shop...The label is like your coupon carwash: an effortless drive through to make it look like you've made an effort without the budget or the time! Soft palleted, easily achievable class and casual femininity. Most frocks are a canvas to play with, as dressy or dressed down, clean or accessorised as you like, for a formal event or a cheeky play date.

I love the freedom of fashion, with a charitable desire to dress, de-stress and impress. I have a blissful, ignorant idealism about romantic dreams, with a longing to inspire and appreciate each individual and each girl’s individuality. We try not taking ourselves too seriously and we know that you don’t want your new frock to be worn by every Tom, Dick and Harry. We are keeping it low key with our stalls at Spitalfields and Portobello Road all the while having fun nattering online at the NFD blog, Facebook and Twitter, sprinkling fashionable glitter upon your dressing up box”. – Lucy Tighe, Never Getting Dressed.

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