Fashion Manifesto/ Rachel Griffiths

Rachel Griffiths is an individual seller on ASOS Marketplace, selling under the fabulous name of It’s Vintage Darling, and wearing the heck out of 80’s neon business dress below. Click the photo below to see Rachel’s full collection, but hurry! She currently has some genuine ‘70s pleated midi skirts that are mere moments from being hunted down by the Mad Men mavens.

Rachel Griffith's sells Vintage Clothes and Acccessories, travelling the world to find unique pieces.

“I love finding a dress that doesn't involve any effort, you just put it on, team it with some great shoes and then you are out the door! Fashion shouldn't be complicated, it should just be fun! Vintage clothing is the best option for any major event. How many times have you been out and seen a girl in the same dress as another party goer? To me, its fashion suicide and a total no go!

I travel all over the world to bring my customers the very best vintage clothing. My trips have taken me from Paris, Milan, Florence, LA, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore to name but a few. I love to travel the globe and find unique vintage pieces that you can’t get anywhere else. I have travelled through the rain, snow and sun to seek out the best vintage finds and I absolutely love it. It’s my obsession.

Be individual, take that step, even if you are not sure its your thing, try it out. You never know, you might love it. Owning a vintage handbag, dress or shoes is a permanent staple to any wardrobe that can quickly become a conversation piece, and will instantly add a personal signature to any outfit. Not only are vintage items beautiful, they are historical, timeless pieces of art and quality pieces of craftsmanship”.

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