Discovery/ 1950’s Basket Bag by Its Vintage Darling

It’s cold. We all know it’s cold. I am currently wearing a winter prevention outfit entitled the ‘Leg Triple Decker’ – this consists of tights, leggings, jeans. It’s not especially comfortable, but instead of moaning, how about a momentary holiday for your head... Imagine it is a bright spring day, the sun is warm on your back and your calves are carefree under a floral cotton sun dress. Your casually French boyfriend cycles over to your canal boat (it’s a daydream, I can live where I want) and you meander to a local meadow to sit amongst the buttercups nibbling on a baguette and discussing just how attractive you both are. This whole scenario will be entirely impossible without owning this bag.

1950s basket bag by Its Vintage Darling - perfect for an impromptu picnic!

Alternatively, buy it immediately, wear with tartan and use it as a vessel for transporting Christmas gifts. Everyone will think you are delightful.

1950’s Basket Bag by It’s Vintage Darling. Take a look at the full collection here.