Vote!/ Where's Me Jumper

We love a good pullover, tis’ the season after all! So we are terribly excited to announce the impending opening of the Where’s Me Jumper boutique on ASOS Marketplace. A beautiful woolly concept of a label, Where’s Me Jumper only work with one basic jumper pattern, but have one rather fabulous motto– ‘We will never knit the same jumper twice’.

Whis is your favourite jumper? Vote below!

So, to carry on the WMJ tradition, we need YOU! Above are 12 unique jumper designs sitting patiently waiting to be knitted. However! (Cue dramatic music) only 6 will make the cut and be available to buy from ASOS Marketplace. Its essentially woolly jumper X Factor, and there is nothing about that we don’t like. Vote below for your favourite, we will let you know the winners next week. 

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