Cheat Sheet/ Mark Fast

As some of y’all might already know, today is Thanksgiving for our stateside friends. Well, we are having our own little Thanksgiving celebration over here at the Marketplace to give thanks for Mark Fast. Firstly, we thank him for redefining catwalk knitwear in so beautiful a way that I find myself subconsciously stroking the computer screen when viewing his runway collections. Secondly, we give thanks for Mark’s success, as success in fashion gives birth to 2 words that provoke a feeling of pure joy in our style hunting souls: Diffusion. Line.

Mark Fast fills in our Marketplace cheat sheet

Accessible without losing any of its edge, Faster by Mark Fast ticks every sexy little box you could hope for. Leggings through to dresses, as outer wear or under wear – we don’t care. We want it all, so it’s jolly convenient you can buy it all right here.

So thank you Mark, and thanks also for putting pen to paper to fill out our cheat sheet, it’s a pleasure getting to know you a little better.

Head over to the Faster by Mark Fast Marketplace boutique here.