Studio Visit/ Alice Lee

We popped in on Alice Lee designers, Alice and Lee (see what they did there?) as they shot the images for their Marketplace boutique. Tucked away in West London, their design studio doubles up as a manufacturing space and showroom. Rails of beautiful knitwear sit alongside the original designs, pinned to the surrounding walls. Taking in the whole studio in panoramic view is akin to a stop-motion video of a garment being made, from conception right through to fitting. The level of detailing on each piece is ridiculous. Labour of love would be a wild understatement, because these babies sing themselves off the rails. Take a tour of the studio, and a sneak peek of the finished shots below… 

 aliceleetext copyalice lee knit wear studio images


ALice Lee Collage of Shoot outfits

A closer look at the studio….

Studio Entrance (Note the steamer for taking the creases out of knitwear)

An Alice Lee 'AW10 dress on a mannequin

Alice Lee Designs and sketches pinned up on the wall

Clothes Rail full of designs from various collections

Knitting Machine in the corner of the Alice Lee studio

More sketches and material samples  pinned to the wall

threads, yarns and wool stacked against the window.

A closer look at the rail of clothes.