Peek-A-Boutique/ FUUDLUXE

FUUDLUXE Hoods are the furry little lovechild of Bristol based design duo 'Sew That Jazz'. Originating as a stylish way to keep festival goers warm, FUUDELUXE are now introducing their new luxury hood line exclusively through ASOS Marketplace. They cosy up to our questions below.

Fud sells Hood's you can pop on over your normal coat

1) Describe the FUUDLUXE boutique in one sentence.

Innovative and constantly evolving with a real love for things that will keep you warm and snuggly

2) How has FUUDLUXE evolved – what’s bought you this point? How did you get started?

FUUDLUXE started as a simple hood which buttoned onto a dress. After a while people were only requesting the hood with no dress, so we started experimenting with different materials and furs for the first samples. From there, the evolution started; we now use luxury faux-fur, a range of fabrics for the outside, including knitwear and the softest sheepskin in the land! We started our label in a little studio in Bristol after winning a university business competition grant. Following this we went to the princes trust for help after we realised there was a real demand for the pieces. We are now launching a luxury line of hoods which will be available from our boutique on ASOS Marketplace.

3) What is the thought process and inspiration behind each new FUUDLUXE hood?

We find inspiration everywhere. Usually, we find an amazing bit of material or piece of clothing and wonder what it would look like as a hood. Simultaneously we try to figure out different linings and fastenings as well. The best thing about FUUDLUXE is that the hoods can be made out of anything, so the world is our oyster! The new line is inspired by the autumn/winter aviator and sheepskin trend; the hoods are made from the softest leather and suede with sheepskin lining. They come in black, chocolate, nude and a beautiful dark grape colour (which we envisage to be a real seller).


4) How do you hope to keep your boutique buyers happy?

We will have a wide range of prices to suit every budget, and as we are constantly finding amazing new materials to make hoods out of, there will be always be new styles and a lot of one off pieces.

5) Who wins a style fight - Robin Hood or Red Riding Hood? And how would you improve their look?

Robin Hood would win! Although... I do love Red Riding Hood’s oversized cape look. I would definitely have to pimp up the cape FUUDLUXE style though, adding a fur lining and some beautiful vintage buckles!

6) You can put anyone you like in one of your hoods, you can put them anywhere & in any situation. Who/what/where?
I think it may have to be lady Gaga, just because we would be able to make the most absurd hood ever, which would be a lot of fun. She would be filming her latest video in Iceland - where she needed a different  hood for each scene. That would be pretty epic!