This is the story of/ Ankle Boots by Maria

We all get a little crazy when sale time hits, right? These beauties by Stella McCartney were a victim of the one-size-too-small curse: the very last pair of their kind in Selfridges and I convinced myself they’d fit.

Story of Maria's Boots Street Style

I love the clear craftsmanship involved in their design and making - they remind me of nightclubs in the ‘70s and images of Elton John in his prime. They’re also 100% vegetarian, so clear consciences all round.

If I had my way, I’d keep them in the back of the wardrobe until my feet shrunk. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem likely to happen any time soon and they just shouldn’t be hidden away. It’s time for them to fly the nest and find a loving new home where they can be flaunted to their full style potential.

Think you could re-home this boot-iful pair? You’ll have to race some other Marketplace magpies to the checkout. Maria will be selling her Stellas when ASOS Marketplace opens in November.

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