Peek-A-Boutique/ Boutique by Susan Caplan

Boutique by Susan Caplan will be opening up their Marketplace shop when we launch in November. The boutique features globally sourced vintage jewellery.

Susan Caplan Boutique

Q:Describe your boutique in one sentence.

A: Eclectic and fearless vintage wonders.

Q: How has the boutique evolved? How did you get started?

A: My mother, Susan Caplan has a vintage jewellery line, ‘Susan Caplan Vintage Collection’. When I heard about ASOS Marketplace, I decided to create a ‘diffusion’ line for her brand. And voila, ‘Boutique by Susan Caplan’ was born.

Q: Where do you source your pieces from?

A:They are sourced from all over the world, I couldn’t possibly tell you where though. We are sworn to secrecy

Q: How do you hope to keep your boutique buyers happy?

A: I aim to always have a selection of weird and wonderful covetable pieces. I want my customers to be continually & pleasantly surprised by my line.

Q: Jewellery Heist! What’s the one thing you save?

A: The ‘Silvertone Ethnic Large Spiked Cuff’. You can take on the world with this piece.

Q: You can put a piece from the boutique on anyone, in any era. You can decide where they are, and what music is playing in the back ground.  Who/what/wear/when?

A: The Queen. She is wearing the Long Pendant Tribal Choker. She is sat on her thrown at Buckingham Palace. She is in the middle of knighting my mother. She is listening to Smashing Pumpkins, ‘A Bullet With Butterfly Wings’.

Do you want to open a boutique on Marketplace? Applications are now open. Apply here.