‘Called It’/ New Minimalism

Staking her style claim today is Emily James, wardrobe recycler on ASOS Marketplace.

Called It - New Minamalism  Trend       

My look has been the same for years: a silk t-shirt and skinny trousers, a blazer, patent flats. Accessories go no further than one long gold necklace or a skinny belt. My palette is neutral; I won’t make a colour combination more daring than black with navy.

The logic behind it is simple – it’s economical, and I get bored easily. Why clutter my wardrobe with prints when a white t-shirt never gets old?

I approve of this season’s ‘90s aesthetic – narrow silhouettes, luxe fabrics, limited jewellery. It means versatility – the cashmere cardigan which looks professional in a meeting but will keep you warm on a flight. It means precision – buying one perfect camel coat instead of three new dresses.  This winter, I’ll continue to keep it minimal.