Peek-A-Boutique/ AM Vintage

AM Vintage use key vintage pieces to realise modern trends. Anna Scott, one half of the boutique’s power buyers, talks us through their vintage vantage point. Their boutique opens on Marketplace when the site launches in November.

AM Vintage Street Style 1

Q: Describe your boutique in one sentence.

A: AM Vintage offers unique vintage clothing styled to fit with current fashion trends.

Q: How did you get into collecting Vintage clothes?

A: I have always had a passion for Vintage clothing, dating back to when I lived in Leeds and I used to spend my Saturdays shopping in the Corn Exchange. When I moved to East London 5 years ago I was blown away by the eclectic vintage vibe of Brick Lane, Shoreditch and London Fields. I was inspired.

Q: What vintage periods does your range of stock come from?

A: Our stock covers anything from the ‘40s right through to the ‘80s.

Q: Where do you source your stock from?

A: Our stock is sourced from all over the world, but predominantly mainland America and Europe.

AM Vintage Street Style 2 

Q: What’s been your favourite recent vintage style revival?

A: I think that the current revival of the ‘50s trend is an interesting one. It’s a very specific look, quite different to any trends touched on recently. I will be very interested to see the public’s individual interpretation of this style.

Q: What is your personal favourite era for clothes, and why?

A: I personally love the ‘80s. I was very much influenced by Madonna in that era and I loved her look in the video for ’Like a virgin’. Lace leggings and gloves, a leather jacket and some serious attitude. I was also a big Dynasty and Dallas fan, so no guessing where my love for shoulder pads came from!

Q: Danny and Sandy. How would you dress them in 2010?

A: Sacrilege! Danny and Sandy should never be restyled! In my opinion, their clothes in the movie are what made it the classic that it is today!

AM Vintage Street Style 3