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Seth Bradley, a vintage stock hunter from London, gives us a glimpse at his boutique ‘Zone 7 Style’ . Seth will be among the first boutiques opening on ASOS Marketplace this November.

 Zone 7 Style Boutique Street Style

Q: Describe your boutique in one sentence.

A: Era and brand specific garments/accessories with a high level of cultural and design significance.

Q: How did you get into collecting Vintage clothes and accessories?

A: I was obsessed with Nike Airs as a kid and used to spend hours cutting the pictures out of my mum’s Littlewoods catalogue to cover my school books. I got my first pair in 1994 and was so fascinated by the fact that they had air in the sole that I cut into them with a saw to see exactly how they worked!

In 1996 my dad took me to New York. I was awestruck. We went to Marshall’s department store and the range of amazing designers sent me into meltdown. My Dad very kindly let me bring back a suitcase full of stuff, from Tommy Hilfiger to Ralph Lauren.

I rocked up back at school, dressed head to toe in new designs.

Q: What vintage periods does your stock come from?

A: Our eyewear includes styles from the ‘50s right through to the late ‘90s, whilst our other clothing and accessories ranges include pieces from the late ‘70’s onwards.

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 Q: Best sunglasses wearer of ALL TIME?

A: Princess Diana, Jackie Onassis, Steve McQueen... it’s difficult to say who's the ultimate sunglass wearer, they're all so different and yet universally influential.

Q: Best clothes in a music video?

A: Raekwon – ‘It Could All Be So Simple’
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Q: What’s playing on the Zone 7 boombox?

A: Mary J Blige- ‘What's the 411’ (Live at Yo MTV Raps 1992)

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