Seller Visit: It's Vintage Darling

It's all about hunting down the quirkiest vintage pieces for Rachael, owner of It's Vintage Darling. We quizzed her on her best-selling pieces and what it's like to run a vintage boutique...

1. Tell us about It's Vintage Darling! Who, where and when?

It’s Vintage Darling launched in August 2006. After gathering quite a collection of vintage items for inspiration for my own designs I was creating, I decided to set up an online boutique to sell the pieces from - it did so well it became my full time job. We travel the globe in the rain, snow and sunshine in the search of the most unique and individual vintage items, and do our very best to ensure that each one is as special as the next.

2.  How did your obsession with all things vintage start?

I've always loved unusual and quirky pieces. The obsession with vintage probably all started when me and by best friend used to go shopping in London when we were 16. I spotted a pair of bright yellow 1960s stilettoes in the window of a vintage boutique and fell in love, since then I have been hooked on vintage. It’s all about the hunt to find that special item and of course, owning something that nobody else will have!

3.  Can you tell us what you look out for when buying vintage? 

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most unusual and amazing vintage items certain to WOW any crowd! 

The first thing I look for is condition; I always check the armpits and check for holes or stains. We want them to be in the best condition possible. I’m always keeping up with the latest trends- you can always find pieces that are key for each season, which is a great selling point. And lastly if I love it and I am passionate about it, I’m hoping the customer will be too.

All of our items have been handpicked for quality, condition, style and individuality meaning that you'll never have to worry about someone else wearing the same as you - what more could a gal want!

4. And what is selling like hotcakes at the moment?

Our vintage inspired 1950’s dresses have almost sold out. We are waiting for our new season collection to come in, which we are very excited about!

5. Do you have a favorite era? 

I love the 50s and 60s - both very different, but full of amazing style. I love 1960s accessories, because it was such a fun era. Not to mention the amazing fashion icons who are still a huge inspiration for todays style. I love Grace Kelly & Marilyn Monroe - it’s hard to imagine these people were real.

6. Tell us about your typical working day!

Usually as soon as I wake up I already have around 60 emails, mainly questions from customers and PR’s calling in items for their shoots. Once I've had my morning tea, I get round to answering them all. By the time I've checked my social media, and written my daily blog, around mid-morning the postman or courier will arrive to collect and deliver new items, which is always very exciting!

A trip down to the dry cleaners getting our items spick and span for our customers is very important! The afternoon is usually spent photographing new items and uploading them onto the site. In the late afternoon we pack our daily orders and get them ready to be shipped to our lovely customers. Every day is different, but it's always lots of fun!

7. Tell us about your studio! What do you love about it?

We are currently based in North London. I work from a home office, which is filled with rails and wardrobes full to the brim with vintage clothing and accessories. I love the location here, it's got great access in and out of the city. I love to go local antique fairs to pick up quirky original pieces; you never know what you might find, but I always come back with something.

8. We'd love it if you could share a few top tips for hunting down quality Vintage!

Well of course ASOS Marketplace is a great place to save your shoe leather and shop fabulous vintage pieces online from sellers around the world. Look out for flash and seasonal sales and discount codes. Don't forget to follow your fave boutiques on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram they regularly post secret sales and you can be the first too see new items arriving, too.  

Vintage fashion fairs are always full of great vintage pieces and a great day out too - and don’t forget to barter! Also if you are going away for the weekend or on holiday, do a little research into local markets, vintage and thrift shops, you never know what you might find!

Grab those unique '50s dresses before anyone else at the It's Vintage Darling boutique.