Empty your wardrobe, line your wallet.

If you’re still feeling that post-Christmas pinch (aren’t we all?!) we’ve got a solution for you.

Take a look in your wardrobe right now – maybe you’ve got a dress you’ve only worn once, a pair of shoes that have barely been out of their box, a jumper that still has its tag… Sound familiar? Yep, we thought so.

The good news is you can turn those unwanted clothes into cash by selling them on Marketplace, the even better news is you may earn more than you’d expect. We’ve crunched those Marketplace numbers and worked out the current average selling prices for items: we’re talking £21 for a dress, £25 for a jacket and £30 for a pair of shoes. Not bad, eh?! Take a look at the image below for more average prices, plus a few suggestions on what you could spend your hard-earned cash on if you start selling.

Sign in to your account to list items via your desktop or download our iOS app to sell on the go and watch the cash come in for your next shopping spree, night out, festival… you get the idea. Get selling!

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