Brand New Boutiques

Take note, 'cause these are the new boutiques that are gonna be topping your wish lists. 

"Krossy loves fun and fashion is fun. We play cupid to handpicked vintage designs with fashion of the world giving birth to something new. In a nutshell, our collection is playful and quirky, yet easy for everyday styling!"

Slogan prints are where it's at, and NTRSLondon are making the most of it, putting their mark on comfy wardrobe classics. Check out their stuff and take your pick.

"Sophia Joy is all about creating your own unique world and possibilities through the way you dress. Ultimately, if you feel confident and serene in the clothes you wear, then your entire world and vicinity will echo and radiate this feeling. We are not about ‘Fashion’, in fact we embody more of the opposite. We tend not to source our items based on trend, but based on uniqueness and one off’s (Never Mind Fashion). We love to challenge and explore new ideas."

"A London-based clothing label established in 2011. The brand revamped itself this year 2013 with sweet but not so girly S/S collection, still it has not forgotten its coolness to the styles as we believe in individual style where mix and match reflects the personality of the wearer, of course... with a TWIST+TURN."

"Welcome to The Lucius. Our collection is a mix of past and present trends, inspired by street style. Our philosophy is that fashion is born on the street. Our team works hard to select unique and exclusive fashion items from around the world: Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, London, Paris, Buenos Aires, Stockholm... Most of our products have been customised using new fabrics and accessories, making them one of a kind items." 

"Tie Doctor is a growing market stall located in the Bricklane - Backyard Market. We specialise in selling Bow Ties for Men & Women, Pocket Squares and Ties. We cater to weddings and special events. We are a leading brand in a growing fashion accessory-paced world. Instagram is our most popular platform. Instagram: Tie Doctor Tie Doctor The Neckwear Specialist."