Spooky Selling | Get your listings Halloween ready!

With Halloween on the horizon, it’s time to add some spook to what you're selling! Whether you are uploading new pieces or revamping old listings, here are our top tips on how to get featured around the site in the run-up to the 31st:

1. Photography and Props
2. Styling
3. Key Words
4. Blog Posts


1. The main focus of this guide is to allow you to be featured around the site (in particular our trend edits).  We use the search tool on Marketplace to curate our edits, so the tips mentioned in this guide are essential.

2. In order to be picked up by our search engine, the key words must be featured in a clear and concise way through product titles and descriptions, for example in the form of a theme i.e. 'vampire' or product type i.e. 'mesh' – if your products fall into these categories then they will be just what we are looking for! 

3. Being featured around the site helps increase brand awareness - but please remember that imagery is key, and our editorial team will have final call on what will be featured. For Halloween, spooky styling mixed with a creeping background will put your listings on the map. 

Photography and Props

The list is endless when creating an eerie and spooky scene. The key is to have an atmosphere that will be projected instantly through your images and compliment the product being sold. 

A few quick ideas for how to decorate your image background for Halloween:

1. The classic pumpkin in the corner! This will instantly give off the Halloween vibe
2. Ghosts dangling from the ceiling 
3. Hanging bats
4. Spider webs 
5. Haunted portraits and Vintage decor 

If you are ahead of the game and already have pieces that could be worn for Halloween in your collection then why not revamp your images by re-shooting with a themed background.

Everyone wants to have that stand-out Halloween Costume and customers will be on the lookout for everything from full outfits, accessories, jewellery and Halloween inspired pieces. To go along with your great background, styling is also key in getting the ultimate Halloween disguise. 


The easiest way to add a bit of pizzazz to your look would be with a unique accessory. Witches hats and capes maybe the classics but customers will also be on the lookout for one-off pieces such as masquerade masks or pumpkin headbands. 
Dark make up is the obvious choice for Halloween and combined with the right styling will dress-up your look instantly. 

Don’t forget to overload on jewellery!  This is the time of year that costume and statement jewellery will take your disguise to the next level. Remember to keep in mind the garment you are selling and let the rest compliment the piece. 

Key Words

During this time of year our team will require products for Halloween content all around the site.  It’s important to remember that customers will not only be on the lookout for costumes but also costume bases (such as wings, capes etc) and stand out jewellery/accessories.  We want to share with you the top keywords for Halloween:

Top Themes:

1. Vampires
2. Pirates
3. Magic - Witches/Wizards
4. Sci-fi

It is also good to consider product types such as:

1. Mesh
2. Lace
3. Embellished fabrics & studding
4. Costume Jewellery
5. Main Colours: Orange, black , red and purple

To be involved in the Halloween festivities around the site, we advise that sellers feature product titles in this form: “Halloween Costume: “Name of Product”. This will allow customers and our team to find products much more easily.

Blog Posts

Using the blog feature on ASOS Marketplace to compliment your Halloween listings is a fun and creative way to take your spook-tacular collection up a notch. Here are some blog post ideas to consider for Halloween:

1. How to style up a Halloween costume
2. Halloween inspirations (from movies, celebrity inspired looks or costumes from a different era)
3. Halloween Make-Up/Nail tips
4. Halloween party themes and decor (don’t forget the music playlist!)

In addition to our onsite content our team are also looking for sellers to be involved in week of Halloween DIY blog posts and hangouts on Google Plus. If you would like to be involved in our horrifyingly haute week of DIY posts then please tweet us @ASOSMarketplace. 

We are excited to see your creative and ghoulish collections,  and it's worth remembering that the trends and products mentioned in this guide are what your customers will be searching for this Halloween, so try to  feature the keywords above in your listings. Happy Halloween!