Seller Visits: China Doll Boutique

Deep in the heart of South East London lies the inspiring studio space of
China Doll Boutique, packed full of polka dots, studs and all manner of girly things. We spent the afternoon with Nhuc, the brains behind the operation, and snapped some of the best bits - as well as quizzing her on her latest collection…

Tell us about China Doll Boutique... Who, where and when?

I launched China Doll Boutique in September 2011. We're a London based brand that until very recently was run by myself from the spare bedroom! I've now moved into a warehouse/office space and taken on a bit of part time help.

What can we expect from the China Doll Boutique range this season?

We've got quite a diverse range coming up for AW12, everything from fun prints, floaty dresses, spots and polka dots to studs and camo and we're mixing it up with a bit of glam - there really will be something for everyone. 

What were your inspirations for the collection?

We take inspiration from real people around us - street style.  I have a love for all things girly and whimsical, so I try to incorporate that into to the collection.

We’d love to hear about your typical day at work…
We have a morning catch up to review the weeks targets then in the later afternoon pop over to the warehouse to print and pack orders. But everything in between can vary quite a bit, from planning blog posts and newsletters, to catching up with our PR agency or prepping props for a shoot!

Your studio is huge - we want the scoop, tell us all about it!

We're based in a converted warehouse in South Bermondsey, South East London.  It's a huge character building, with beautiful original wooden flooring and white washed exposed brick walls.  I love the space, as we can dress it up as much as we like and the fact that I can shoot at any time is a huge plus.

What would your dream workspace look like?

I love warehouse style buildings with a bit of character to them, and of course, lots of space. I would love a wall full of inspirational images.

How about your plans for next season?

It's a bit too early for us to tell, but we're initially thinking pastels and lots of florals.

Any top tips for other Marketplace sellers?

It's a really easy site to use as a seller and a buyer, and also a great way to get your brand out there too, as there is such a huge ASOS Marketplace following. Make sure to blog and tweet about your store as much as possible, as it really does drive sales. Also, provide good customer service and refresh your storefront with new images, or re-shoot slower selling lines.

Make sure to take a look at the current China Doll Boutique collection. We've gone dotty for it.