Seller Trend Update: Make your listings Autumn ready

As we head into A/W' 12 (apart from you Southern Hemisphere folk!) it’s time to take a look at what the big sellers might be over the coming months. When we spot trends on the site, we pull them into 'Our Edits' lists. We wanted to share the big upcoming trends with you, plus their related keywords, so you can start building them into your product descriptions, allowing people to find exactly what they are looking for. For this A/W' 2012 we are focusing on the following trends:

1. Baroque
2. Retro Prints
3. Gothic
4. Oriental
5. Leather
6. Military

Menswear sellers - don't fret, we haven't forgotten you, scroll down to the bottom of this feature to find out what's selling for Gents.


1. The main focus of this guide is to allow you to be featured around the site (in particular our trend edits).  We use the search tool on Marketplace to curate our edits, so the key words and product focuses mentioned in this guide are essential.

2. In order to be picked up by our search engine, the key words must be featured in a clear and concise way through product titles and descriptions, for example, Black And Gold Baroque Sequinned 1920s Style Flapper Dress, features a number of keywords, including Gold and Baroque, both relevant for popular A/W' 12 trends.

3. Being featured around the site helps increase brand awareness - but please remember that imagery is key, and our editorial team will have final call on what will be featured. For more info on how to get that coveted front page spot, please check out our 5 tips for getting your listings featured.

4. For more info on this season’s trends please refer to the ASOS main site A/W' 2012 Trend Guide.


The biggest trend of A/W' 2012 will be Baroque. Leading up to Christmas everyone will be on the lookout for that stand-out dress and statement jewellery. Two examples of the trend are this Baroque print jacket from Mint Vintage, and this black and gold sequinned dress from Rock My Vintage, who made sure they were on our radar with their steller product description. 

Key words:


Retro Prints

This season, prints will be heavily influenced by 1970s in the form of geometric, plaid/check and dark florals. Product focus should be on cigarette style trousers as the trouser suit is big on the cards (think dandy style) with blouses and boxy shapes. Our top picks on site so far are these colourful graphic print trousers by Goldie and this vintage Houndstooth peplum suit from Adorn Vintage.

Key Words:

Geometric Pattern
Vintage Print
Cigarette Pants


We're going to be on the lookout for dramatic pieces with a Gothic vibe (more romantic than Marilyn Manson), so lace and length will be key. Fabrics such as velvet and mesh, along with cross/crucifix style jewellery will make this trend. We already have our eye on this black lace blouse from silverhammervintage, and this cross cuff bracelet courtesy of Black Tied.  

Key words:

• Gothic
• Lace
• Leather
• Velvet
• Mesh
• Sheer
• Lux
• Embellished
• Costume Jewellery
• Statement Necklace
• Cross necklace


The east is a big inspiration for A/W' 2012, so classic oriental and floral prints are essential in lux fabrics. Make sure that shapes are modern but keep the Japanese influence through accents such as a mandarin collar. See this silk oriental dress from Mint Vintage or Chinapig's oriental gold long dress for inspiration.

Key Words:

Bomber Jacket


Coloured leather is a big trend this season and even better in berry shades (purples & oxblood). Also, re-worked pieces in the form of camo jackets or baseball jackets with leather sleeves will be big hitters. Be sure to feature the word leather in your product description and title for maximum exposure. Circa Vintage have got it right with their vintage red leather trousers, as have The Whitepepper and their punching leather skirt.

Key Words:

Oxblood Leather
Leather Skirt (key piece)
Leather Trousers
Re-worked Leather Jacket


Our focus will be on modern utility wear - surplus shirts, chunky fisherman knits, and oversized camo jackets. Styling is key with this trend, and features such as brass buttons will work well on shirts and jackets.  To complete the look we will be on the lookout for slouchy beanies, sturdy boots and backpacks – in colours such as blacks, khakis, olives and camels. Seller's We Are Hairy People and Peekaboo Vintage have covered their bases with this hand painted camo beanie and an oversized hooded army camo jacket.

Key Words:

Surplus Shirt
Army Surplus

Men's Autumn Update

Key Trends:

‘90s Revival
Modern Military

Modern Military

From camo prints to backpacks, it is all about practicality and functionality. Products to include will be outerwear (camo, bomber and parka jackets), worker style shirts and backpacks. See this 60's MA-1 flight jacket from Mint Vintage for inspiration.

Key Words:

Bomber jacket
Surplus Shirt
Army Surplus


Plain and simple, we are on the lookout for classic raw blue denim! With this listing it is essential to have the style of denim included in your product title and description. Are your jeans Acid Wash or Raw denim? Take a look at these acid wash jeans from Sam Greenberg Vintage to see how it's done.

Key words:

Re-worked denim
Vintage denim
Acid Wash denim
Raw denim

‘90s Revival

With the late ‘80s and early ‘90s revival in full swing, abstract prints dressed down with jeans and a snapback cap is an essential look. Look to screen printed, graphic and slogan sweatshirts for a more casual take on the trend. This ‘90s diamond print shirt from Ease the Squeeze is the perfect example.

Key words:

Screen printed
Flat panel cap
Snapback cap
5 panel cap


Traditional tweeds, Fair Isle patterns and checks will be the look this season – it’s all about referring back to British classics! Emperors clothing have got it spot on with their fitted check tweed country blazer.

Key Words:

Fair Isle
Desert Boots


If you already have products listed that fit in with the trends mentioned in this guide, then why not update your imagery to give your collection a true autumn revamp? For more information on imagery, check out our Photography Guide

The trends and products mentioned in this guide are what your customers will be searching for this A/W'12, so make sure your new and previously listed products feature the keywords above. Happy listing!