Seller Visit | VV Brown

We are super 'cited that VV Brown is opening up her vintage collection and setting up a boutique on Marketplace for her own line of collected treasures: VV Vintage. 

The boutique has just gone live, so have a snoop round VV's hood below, then head to the store to get 'yo shop on. 

We l*o*v*e VV Vintage. What made you want to sell your own vintage collections? 

It started off with a fascination for the idea that you could experiment with fashion. Versatility, experimentation and individual style. This is where my love of vintage truly began. It then was a mixture of touring , being on the road and enjoying collecting "things". I know longer wanted to buy things for myself but started to imagine what they would look like on others. This led to a house filled with "stuff". I then had a thirst for business and then the business idea began. It then took a turn when I started to read books about sustainability and vintage became more about the environment and the concept of recycling materials. We waste so much here in the west and as I dived deep into the world of landfill and the statistics that go along with it I became obsessed with the idea that sustainability was where I wanted to grow and explore. From this position I then started to research about the use of using second hand materials to make clothes and looked up designers who were doing similar things. I realised there was a whole world out there of people who felt the same way. This is when VVV became a collective working with designers who up cycle and create items out of reused fabric. Now its growing and its our idea to spread the word about sustainability and the idea that fashion can be eco and innovative. 

You've always been a massive vintage lover/wearer/cheerleader, when did you first getting into wearing olduns? 

It started with my Mother. Looking through her amazing wardrobe of classic Chanel. I then started wearing vintage out of a matter of cost as I was starting my yellow brick road to becoming a musician. I couldn't afford the expensive brands and then it became a fashion haven as it allowed me to build my identity. Now its more of a lifestyle of sustainability and eco friendly shopping.

What's your favourite piece from the collection?

I love the red cut out dress which we found in Toulouse and the Samurai coat which is also an amazing amazing find. I'm a huge fan of our DWO designers who have created mini collections that have been created from recycled materials. Claire Barrows who has had jackets worn by Rhianna, Marc Rose who has made bags out of leather jackets and Rasha Swais who made a collection of suits and denim upcycled. DWO is a program we do with all our new designers who make mini collections with an eco friendly approach. We partnered with Oxfam and 10% of all the profits goes to the charity. We provide a platform for them to be showcased and for people to buy into sustainability with a fashion forward edge.

How often do you think you'll get new pieces in? 

We are stocking all the time.The collection on ASOS Marketplace is small at the moment in comparison to the website, as we wanted to curate a specific look for ASOS Marketplace but we are replenishing the stock on a weekly basis and we have now signed up a load of new designers to our agency who are designing as we speak. 

Whereabouts are you based? Any favourite local establishments? 

We are based in Dalston. Dalston is a cool place - a hub of lots of artists from all over the world. I would recommend Cafe Oto for experimental music and a lovely coffee and then up the road to Dans Le Noir a restaurant where you ca eat in the dark.

What do you love about where you live? 

I live in a different place to the office. Where I live is quiet and has a lot of space - Brockley is a beautiful place. When you wake up in the mornings you can hear the birds and sleeping at night is so peaceful and quiet. There are a lot of parks and hidden treasures and subtle art scenes that are growing here in the southern part of London. I only moved 2 days ago so I am surrounded with boxes but having a coffee with my boyfriend in the garden over looked by our shed was a great feeling.

What’s your favourite vintage piece that you would NEVER sell? 

I'd like to think we would try and sell everything as there is a real separation with the business stock and my wardrobe but the Dior dress was a hard one to photograph and put on the market. Its a really is a special special find, almost like an antique.

What song sums up your mood at the moment? 

Constant Surprises by Little Dragon. Life always gives you things you never expected. Yukimi says "constant surprises coming my way, some kind of coincidence but I like to call it faith".