Seller Visit | Burger&Fries

Indie label Burger & Fries let us into their London flat for a good snoop about, which included a guest appearance by their resident feline, Terrence the hat-wearing cat. Like what you see? Head over to the Burger & Fries boutique to see the full collection. 

Left: Mr Fries. Right: Mr Burger. Middle: Terrence the cat. 

Tell us a little bit about your boutique?

We're basically a mash-up of pop culture references and vintage goodness.  We specialize in handmade hats and accessories but also reform unique vintage finds with studs, bleach, tassel, gold chain, etc.  Our vintage clothes are always hand selected from various locations - we don't bulk buy and we only choose items that we would wear (save for the few rad choices of womenswear).  

How long  have you  been doin’ what your doin’?

Burger & Fries officially began when Fries moved to London last spring and the two of us joined forces.  Burger has been making hats and necklaces for himself to wear at parties for years though and also creates a lot for his job as a Creative Assistant at Supperclub in Portobello.  Fries was reforming vintage clothes and making jewelry to sell at Night Flea Markets in Seoul, South Korea for a few years before he came to London. 

What’s your favourite vintage piece?

This very orange patterned shirt - it has that childlike/retro Prada SS12 feel to it.  

What’s your favourite piece from your current collection? 

Burger is still playing around with a lot of studded or beaded hat designs (like our 'ScandalEYES' hat), while Fries is continuing to reform vintage silk shirts by adding gold chain to the collar.

What do you love about where you live?

We live in Central London right behind Goodge Street station - there are hundreds of cafes, restaurants, shops & cultural hotspots within walking distance and as soon as the work day is over, it's almost like a ghost town. Same with weekends.  Plus being central means you never rarely have to travel out of zone 1 or 2 for anything unless you actually leave the city.

Where is your favourite local place to...

-shop? A haberdashery called FAN near Oxford Circus.  Run by a Chinese family, they have two shops and their goods are always much better priced than anywhere else we've found in London.

-eat? Yumchaa, the tea & coffee joint right across the street from our flat, makes amazing scones.  Large, open space with big, cozy sofas and clashing, multi-patterned wallpaper.  

-drink/party? The Box in Soho is always full of debauchery and their circus/cabaret performances are shocking/hilarious

What song sums up your ASOS Marketplace boutique? 

'Do I Look Like a Slut?' by Avenue D