Seller Visit | Rachel Caplan

Today’s tour comes courtesy of Rachel Caplan, daughter of jewelry doyenne Susan Caplan, and the grande fromage of their new-gen venture, Boutique By Susan Caplan. She’s given us A) a snoop round her West Hampstead digs, and B) a bad case of the life envies. Let’s go! 

Who are you, what you up to?

I tend to answer any of the following names: Rachel Sophia Caplan OR Ray/ Bambi/ Little Caplan/ Little One.  I live in London but 5% of me lives in New York (that still counts right?! NYC will always be my calling). I run Boutique By Susan Caplan, the diffusion line at Susan Caplan but I’m also a 'retired' model so I occasionally squeeze in the odd shoot. On top of that I am currently working on an exciting project at Susan Caplan, its confidential so you will have to hold onto your knickers until a press release goes out.

How long you have been doin’ what you doin’?

Boutique By Susan Caplan was born 1 year ago so....1 year.

What’s your favourite piece from your current collection?

My favourite piece is the 1970s Silver Tone Indian Panjas Bracelet. My style sometimes goes on a psychedelic power trip and gets lost somewhere in between bohemia and grunge.

What do you love about where you live?

I live a street away from each of my sisters in West Hampstead. Family is the most important thing to me and being able to skip down the street when my milk runs out is a bonus.

Where is your favourite local place to....
Is my Mac too local? Im a cyberspace shopper and Im hooked on StyleStalker at the moment.

The Lansdowne, Primrose Hill. If you get a chance to go, order the hot chocolate and say hello to Eric. 

Again, The Lansdowne, Primrose Hill. My friends and I tend to hibernate at The Lansdowne on Sundays.

What’s your favourite vintage piece? 

My Harley Davidson black boots and my Shearling coat. I will feel sorry for one if I pick the other. 

What song sums up your mood at the moment?

The Velvet Underground- Sweet Jane.

Big thanks to Rachel for the tour. Hit up the Boutique by Susan Caplan Boutique here.