We’re all going on a summer holiday: Man-bag edition.

Our boutiques put together this photoset to illustrate what they take away with them on their holidaze.  If you like the idea of snooping through other peoples stuff, without those pesky moral dilemmas, we suggest you scroll on down. See something you like? Click the photo to head over to each individual boutique.

So… Pack it up, pack it in, let us begin: 


Sam Greenberg Vintage

1.Bunch of bananas

1.Bunch of bananas
2.Beach Boys Soundtrack
3.Woven Summer Shoes
4.A Good Game- Pocket Scrabble is fun.
5.Great Shirt. This Hawaiian Stunner is available from our boutique.

Shop the Sam Greenberg Vintage boutique here. 


Ease the Squeeze


1. I told my Dad Bum Bags we’re cool again and although he tried to look indifferent but i could tell he was chuffed. He’s been wearing one constantly for the past 20 years and he’ll probably be wearing one long after they’ve gone back out again. This one has a pewter sailfish pin badge on it I’ll probably give it to him in a few years.
2.“Point It” Picture dictionary. Amazing invention. It’s just a little picture book that can fit in you pocket that has a photo of everything you could possibly need on holiday. So wherever you go you don’t have to bother learning the language!
3.Collarless shirt with embroidered pocket strips by Ease the Squeeze. I was so happy when I saw this one had a small stain on it. That means we can’t sell it and I have to keep it for myself. Shame.
4. I love these round mirrored early 90’s shades by Lunettes London. Deep down I know they don’t really suit me as I have a big head and really small face so something oversized would have been more appropriate but ,whatever, I’m gonna just run with them for a while anyway.
5.So busy these days I hardly ever have time to read. I have a mounting pile at home so I will relish the chance to get stuck into a couple on holiday. Here I have Robison Cruesoe, by Daniel Dafoe. I plan to read this while sitting on a deserted beach but more than likely It’ll be while I’m sat in Heathrow while my plane is delayed. 

Visit the Ease the Squeeze boutique here.



1. Kleen Kanteen: No more plastic water bottles!!

1. Kleen Kanteen: No more plastic water bottles!!
2. Taro marker pen (water soluble) & note book for drawings, directions, messages, ideas.
3. The book I'm reading. 
4. Sword camping knife.
5. Tent in waterproof bag.

Visit the Volklore boutique here.


Darcy Joy

marketplace blog

1. Breton T-shirt
2. Sebago loafers
3. Vintage Wallet (I have used this to death, notice the missing front button)
4. Joop spray
5. My favourite book & reading glasses

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And Now Wee

AND NOW WEE Blog No2 We’re all going on a summer holiday

1. Shakespeare Vest from And Now Wee
2. Passport 
3. Sunnies
4. iPad
5. £5 - for emergencies ;) 

Visit the And Now Wee boutique here.