Upcycling with Prince’s Trust!

This week, ASOS Marketplace teamed up with the Prince’s Trust to run a series of upcycling workshops for their amazing ‘Getting Started in Fashion’ course, to help a group of young-un’s figure out if fashion is the right move for them. First off, the lovely Lizzie from I Can Make Shoes explained what exactly ‘upcycling’ was (for those of you still outta the loop – ‘upcycling’ is the process of taking something vintage/used/old and customising it, or changing it up in some way to produce a totally new item).

After a lightning-fast moodboard making session, we all had our style-inspiration sorted.

 Jo's Pics 004

Our next stop was the Oxfam charity shop on Camden High Street, where each of our dedicated team members went off in search of the perfect items to upcycle. Once the epic rummage was over, we returned to ASOS HQ to begin an afternoon of customisation.

Jo's Pics 014

Jo's Pics 026 

Each armed with scissors and a needle & thread, our intrepid upcyclers set about turning the boardroom into a production line of feathers, studs, buttons, lace cut-outs and finally sequins. Lots and lots of sequins. 

Later in the week, once the feathers had settled and the glue had set, we ventured outside to photograph all the items ‘streetstyle’ (this basically means outside – it how all the items on Marketplace are shot).

  Jo's Pics 978

It was fantastic to see the collective creative vision come to life, and we were incredibly impressed by the style-savvy of our course members. Have a look below to view some of the amazing items on show.

Jo's Pics 725

Jo's Pics 821Jo's Pics 788

      Jo's Pics 887

Jo's Pics 758

Jo's Pics 1016

Jo's Pics 964

 Jo's Pics 946   

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