New Designer Roll Call!

It’s getting hot in herrrrr…because of our new clothes (I-am-getting-so-hot, I want to put new clothes on!).  Ah, I miss Nelly. What happened to him?

Luckily, I can distract myself from early noughties rapper revivals by taking a look at all the hip young things running around Marketplace flaunting themselves. We’ve had a boatload of new designers set up shop, and the results are smokin’.

You want tassels? We got tassels! Bill + Mar know what's up. Find them here.

Bill & MarLong Tassel Dress, £90, Bill and Mar

Dreams can come true. Hence the arrival of Gallery 4. Angel-making garments are merely a click away.

Gallery 4Asymmetric T Shirt, £65, Gallery 4

Basics can be badass. Let GoodOne guide your way. Major bonus points for the heavyweight styling and debuting the raddest model in all of Marketplace land.

Goodone Basics  Playsuit, £69, Goodone Basics

There’s draping, and then there's DRAPING. Were talking about thigh skimmin’ arm slimmin’ life winnin’ draping. And it’s name is Heureka.

HeurekaDotted Harem Pants, £46, Heureka

Why wear jewellery, when you can wear ART. Huh? huh? Just as I thought. No comeback.  Go and visit the WARE boutique and think about what you’ve done.

Ware Palm Necklace, £48, Ware

Aloha, Connected Generation. This is sort of embarrassing to bring up, but you kind of reek of summer. And Its amazing.

Connected Generation Hibiscus Print Maxi Dress, £40, Connected Generation.

By Jove! By Jam are pushing our floral buttons. Pushing them nice.

By Jam     Olivia Floral shorts, £38, By Jam.

And finally, we present to you *drum roll* - Ms. Harriet Sanders. Her bags make lives better. FACT.

 Harriet Sanders Gladbag Yellow/Slate, £88, Harriet Sanders