Welcome/ Noire Noire

Please give a hearty welcome to our newest boutique Noire Noire. Noire Noire make T-shirts so darn well, they named themselves twice. These are not just run of the mill tee’s though, oh no, these are limited edition, cleverly graphic, wonderfully embellished, generally jolly cool t-shirts.

If you, like I, often feel so overwhelmed by the sheer speed of our little fashion wonderland that all that can clear your blurry mind is a simple t-shirt, Noire Noire is for you. Wearing a plain tee without losing your hard-earned fashion credentials (ha!) is a task equal in difficulty to that of a lady of limited height finding a maxi length that does not give her the appearance of floating. I.e hard. I’m at the non-Gisele end of 5ft-something and last time I wore a maxi skirt someone asked if I was wearing heelies. You know, shoes with hidden WHEELS.

I digress.

Noir Noire = Simple T-Shirts. Easy to wear. Beautiful embellishments. What’s not to like?

My 2 favourites:

1)The white tassel trim T-shirt.

2)The black splash print T-shirt.

Honourable mention also goes to this cropped nipple tassle t-shirt. Just because.

Shop the full Noire Noire collection here.