Welcome/ Des Moines


Off-white crochet maxi dress, £65, Des Moines.

Badass boutique Des Moines have launched their Marketplace store and it’s a corker. A one-stop-shop for those in the know, Des Moines have been living the high life by dressing East London’s finest fillies with key pieces that are both statement but so easy to pull off, you’ll never actually take them off.

I’m going to do y’all a big favour and provide an E.G because I actually, physically own that lace lovely above and it barely leaves my back despite the Daz necessitating combo of white lace and an owner that frequently only gets 50% of her lunch into her mouth. Seriously, I can’t even consider soup. Anyone want to open a Marketplace boutique for glamorous adult bibs? Anyone? Free idea over here!

My point, though it took us a while to get there, is that this dress is worth a bit of neckline serviette tucking. Right now I’m layering it up with tights, boots and a leather jacket, but soon I’ll be switching that up for bare legs, suede boots and plaits. Achieved look: The girl in ‘True Grit’ once she started wanting boys to notice her. Win.

Shop the full Des Moines collection here.