Tribal Print Shirts

Gentlemen, pick your side, because tribal is most definitely trending on ASOS Marketplace this spring. Iconic Aztec and Navajo prints are making a real comeback in our vintage department, so we asked two of our boutiques to pick out their favourite printed shirts, especially for you. Can’t say pharaoh than that (ha!).


80’s Navajo Inspired Shirt, Ease the Squeeze.

The Navajo print on this shirt is so recognisable and irresistibly iconic. I love how the graphics explode from the fabric, with a clever use of colour highlighting the bold geometric shapes.

Jon Sampson, Owner, Ease The Squeeze boutique.


90’s Wrangler Graphic Print Shirt, Ease the Squeeze.

Love the strong clashing colours and jagged print edges on this early 90’s Wrangler shirt. The symmetry and repeat imagery combine to make a pretty perfect print.

Jon Sampson, Owner, Ease The Squeeze boutique.

Vintage Wrangler Floral Aztec Shirt, Sam Greenberg Vintage

Aztec prints are like the more geometric ‘cousin’ to the Navajo trend, reflecting the ancient Aztec themes of brighter & bolder colours. Expect to see a lot of intrepid explorers experimenting with Aztec prints as they venture across the seas to the Coachella , Bonnaroo and Burning Man festivals.

Tilly, Stylist, Sam Greenberg Vintage boutique.


Vintage Wrangler Aztec Shirt, Sam Greenberg Boutique.

I love the beautiful array of dyes used in Aztec prints. It’s the perfect Spring look as the woven fabrics are warm, and the shirts have a slightly looser fit, so look great worn with skinny jeans.”

Tilly, Stylist, Sam Greenberg Vintage boutique.