The Marketplace Collective


Miss Bubble and Miss Sewell, both pillars of the British style society have been out careening round New York  fashion week being photographed left, right and centre by any street style photographer worth their salt. Fancy a bit of that action? Well, get ready to give yourself hand over mouse repetitive strain injury, because both Susie Bubble and Yasmin Sewell are among our Marketplace Collective, selling items from their own wardrobes right here, from this Friday. Excited? DUH.

We can reveal that among the coveted items up for sale are a pair of silver lame cropped D&G  trousers from Susie, and 2 Margiela pieces from Yasmin. We will be feeding you some more sneaky info nuggets in the run up to Friday, so to be sure check back soon to keep your eyes on the prize.


(Susie Bubble and Yasmin Sewell, photographed by Tommy Ton for Style.Com)