Fashion Manifesto/ Kevin Broni, Lost Faith and Revelry

Kevin Broni is the designer of menswear boutique, Lost Faith and Revelry. Below he shares the inspiration behind his youthfully anarchic collection.

Kevin Broni designs the Marketplace boutique, Lost Faith and Revelry.

“After watching the film Downtown Calling I was really inspired by the era of the late 70's early ‘80s in downtown New York. Be it music, art, fashion or writing - there was a real punk & D-I Y  experimental aesthetic going on, which was born out of an oppressive discord within the city, both socially and culturally. Out of this arose an expressive climate  of 'the less we have the more creative we're forced to be' which spore new subgenres which dominate our culture today. 

I wanted to create a more anarchic collection which reflected the mood and ideology of this time. Bastions of this look, such as Basquit and Haring and Sprouse took their directives and styles from the street (down town) to shake up the stiffer more bourgeois scenes of the uptown. Like today’s downtown artists (Dash Colen, Dash snow R.I.P) and new British artist Richie Culver, I wanted to do something more real, honest and fragmented,  which spoke for attitudes and passions which are prevalent in my environment”. – Kevin Broni, Lost Faith and Revelry

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