Discovery/ Vintage NYE Dresses

Vintage is the way to go for a unique NYE dress

Ooo yeah tonight we’re going to party like its 1929. Or 1979. But DEFINITELY not 2011, in fact, anyone caught celebrating NYE like it’s anytime after 1999 will be immediately deducted style points.

If we wanted to get all current affairs-y over the matter, we might suggest that everyone is enjoying this year’s seasonal excesses a touch more than usual, the memory of last year’s frugal festivities safely stored in the attic, right next to the recession-chic potato stamped wrapping paper that we were too embarrassed to actually use.

Regardless, NYE this year feels like an event again, not a mumbled guilty show of extravagance. Charming home-cooked dinner parties are out. Big expensive and ridiculously themed parties are gleefully in. Sartorially, BIG parties can often proffer one BIG problem. The same-dress-as-me fear.

We all know the fear. There you are, delicately nibbling on a vol-au-vent, pleased as punch with all the compliments your (insert premium high street brand) dress is receiving. Then she walks in, in the same thing, but with shinier hair and whiter teeth. You cheerfully pose for a comedy ‘same dress!’ facebook photo whilst secretly dying inside.

Luckily for you, ASOS Marketplace now exists , so nab yourself a vintage number and head out head held high. Perfect the current speakeasy trend with an embellished 20’s flapper, or sneak into next season by going full blown 70’s boogie nights.

Glitzy Ritzy Vintage Party Dress, from Madam Popoff Vintage

Vintage Charleston Tassel Dress, from 123 boutique