Fashion Manifesto/ Louise Dungate

Louise Dungate designs hot knitwear for cold days. Her woollen wonders provides dual insulation; luxury yarn keeps the winter out, but also holds in the warm glow you’ll be emitting knowing all her materials are sustainably sourced. As our preview of her ‘Godfather’ Scarf would suggest, Louise is clearly a girl not shy of a statement piece. She shares her fashion manifesto below.

Louise Dungate handknits luxury woolen accessories, available on ASOS Marketplace  

“I'm very picky about what I wear, and I like finding items from here, there and everywhere. I like to buy investment pieces, and I'd much rather spend more on something I'll love forever. The culture of throw-away fashion is horrid! My wardrobe is a steady mix of vintage and new, and most of my vintage collection has been inherited from my family. I picked up a tonne of cardigans from my Grandma, and in Winter I'll wear one almost every day, I'm a bit of a cardigan geek. I also have far too many white shirts, I wear shoes until they have holes and my favourite colour is navy”.

Louise’s full collection of winter accessories will hit Marketplace when we launch – it’s not long now. Brownie promise.