Peek-A-Boutique/ Nika Urbas for 'Maria Moderna'

We are delighted to confirm Nika Urbas as the newest designer to come aboard the good ship Marketplace. Nika will be opening her 'Maria Moderna' boutique when we launch in November, with a collection inspired by two magnificently coupled words - 'unnecessary glamour’. Read on below for a little more insight into the mysterious (but undoubtedly marvellous) ‘Maria Moderna’.

2 dresses from Nika Urbas debut ASOS Marketplace collection 'Maria Moderna'

Q:Describe your boutique in one sentence.

A:The boutique is the quickest way to get a piece from ‘Maria Moderna’, the newest fashion it-girl.

Q:How did ‘Maria Moderna’ start out? How long have you been up & running?

A: ‘Maria Moderna’ is based on an idea of creating a woman that speaks for today. There is a lot of speculation about where fashion is going, but I’m more interested in defining the presence of fashion. I believe we need to make fashion statements more personal, more true and more challenging. the label is very young, and will grow with ASOS Marketplace.

Q:What has inspired your boutique collection?

A: Since I come from Slovenia my only way to be true is to rely on my own background. The label is a mixture of intimate storytelling and insane, futuristic references. I am not going to design something that originally belongs to a different culture. I’m very keen to keep everything luxurious, exclusive, delicate and bold. I like to create something stylish from an inspiration that never really got a chance to be fashionable. People may not see fashion in the socialistic period of Slovenia’s modern history, but I see it differently.

Q: Give us a brief description of how your collection is made.

A:This collection is inspired by the home furniture form of the '70's and the dresses that housewife’s wore at that time. There is also a great influence of modern sportswear.

I like to think my garments are a new version of cuteness. They still have some ‘girly’ elements, like frills, but overall there is a sense of uncompromised high-tech. Most of all, this collection offers a fresh outlook of a young & modern woman who doesn’t just live for parties but also works and needs to look stylish 24/7.

Q: Your dresses look like they enjoy a good dance. What song would you play for them?

It would have to be Faster, form Janelle Monáe. The song has an insane rhythm and craziness to It. Two things that have been very well known to my Maria Moderna too!

Q:If your collection could be the costumes for a film, what would it be?

A: I think probably they would end up in a fabulous Pedro Almodóvar film, where women take centre stage. If not that, then I think a modern version of Sweet Charity would be a great match too.