Discovery/ Vintage Necklaces from Susan Caplan Boutique

This post is very grudgingly written. I’ve just seen some of the first items uploaded to the Susan Caplan Boutique, and I have a duty to share them with you because they are beyond beautiful. However, the more people that know about them, the more unlikely it becomes that I will be the sole owner of the entire collection, and I will be forced to challenge you all to an internet based duel in order to ensure that I own the following:

Exhibit A: 1970s brass & pewter ethnic pendant with red cabochon glass inserts. Swoon. ‘70’s was all up in ‘SS11’s business, so stake your claim to some genuine jewels now.

Susan Kaplan Boutique 1970s brass & pewter ethnic pendant

Exhibit B: 1930s pewter arts & crafts style pendant with blue cabochon detail.

Example wearer experience - “OMG I love your necklace. Is it House of Harlow?”

“House of WhoNow? No. It’s Vintage and it was only £15. That’s why I look so smug. All the time.” 

Susan Kaplan Boutique 1930s pewter arts & crafts style pendant

These necklaces (plus dozens more of equal splendour) will be available when we launch in November. See you at the online checkout, ladies. May the fastest clicker win.