This is the story of/ Boots by Kayla.

Story of Boots by Kayla

When Tennessee-born Kayla hitched her wagon over to merry England, her rodeo kicks stepped on over with her.

"I sourced these boots from the amazin' Cotton Room at Golden Belt, North Carolina about 5 years ago.

They are genuine vintage Frye boots, but despite my best efforts, they have always been one size too small.

An all-American classic and the perfect reminder of my roots. The rugged leather, the pointed toe, the warm cedar colour... it all just makes me melt.

It took me ages to find the perfect cowgirl boot and they long to be owned by someone with a love of denim and a nostalgic taste for the old south.

Putting them on Marketplace is breakin' my heart, but I feel they will be happier on someone's feet, rather than on my bookshelf. I just ask you show them as much love as I have, and take them dancin' once in a while..."

Boots by Kayla Boots by Kayla

Seller: Kayla Hollis

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