Student Sellers: Seven Sisters Vintage

Students, listen up! We met up with Georgia, James and Gina, the fashion students behind Seven Sisters Vintage, to quiz them on running a vintage boutique and earning some extra cash alongside their studies. Sounds good, right? Read on…

Why did you decide to set up shop on Marketplace?

Georgia: We all have a massive love for vintage clothing and fashion, and realised we could make extra money to fund our student lifestyle selling vintage clothing.

Gina: My schedule changes weekly so I don’t think at this point in time I’d be able to have a ‘normal’ job – Marketplace is the perfect way to work around that.

So, how long have you been selling on Marketplace?

Gina: We’ve been selling since 2010. I sold a vintage blouse a few years ago after falling out of love with it, and was completely taken aback by the profit I made. The idea for Seven Sisters began from there.

Georgia: Last year we upgraded to a boutique, and have seen our sales rocket since then. It’s been really encouraging considering it only started as a small hobby to make a bit of extra cash.

And what have you been able to fund with the money you’ve made?

Gina: In the past month we’ve made about £2000, which is amazing and more than we could have wished for. I was fortunate enough to use the money to fund a trip to Paris, which I normally wouldn’t have been able to afford.

James: We’ve also managed to re-invest our earnings in some new stock. I’m personally saving up to go on a once in a lifetime trip across America.

Gina: We also funded a Seven Sisters' holiday to Amsterdam last year, and got ourselves some new stock for the boutique while we were there.

Tell us more about your personal style…

Georgia: We each have our own, individual style, but I think we all take a lot of influences from the 90s. We love Gwen Stefani!

James: All the items we sell are pieces we love and would wear ourselves, and I think that’s why it really works for us. It makes us even more passionate about it!

Do you have any tips and advice to other students considering selling on the platform?

Georgia: Make sure your pieces work well together – presentation is key! You also need to take the time to plan photo shoots; the more professional looking your photos are, the better.

Do you think any of your fellow students would be interested in selling on Marketplace?

Gina: I think Marketplace benefits all students because of the flexibility. I know people who go travelling during the summer and, as an ASOS Marketplace seller, it’s possible to put your account on hold. It’s convenient for all students!

I find a lot of my peers here at Nottingham Trent love the whole buying and selling aspect of vintage clothing, but don’t necessarily know where to buy or sell it – Marketplace could change that.

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