Student Seller: BeWorn

We're super inspired by Robyn of BeWorn, who built her brand from scratch whilst studying at Sheffield Hallam. Read on to find out how she makes money selling her upcycled pieces on Marketplace... 

Why did you decide to set up shop on Marketplace?
I started off selling as an individual, trying to earn some extra cash on the side, but as things picked up and got busier I upgraded to a boutique. I was super happy when I got accepted by the team as I think ASOS Marketplace is a successful and prestigious platform.

How long have you been selling?
I’ve been selling on the site for nearly three years - I upgraded to a boutique in March 2012. 

How much have you sold since you started up?
I’ve sold thousands of pieces over the last few years, and I’m now making a comfortable wage for myself. Anything I don’t use I invest back into the business or towards the in-house collection I’m designing at the moment. I’ve also been lucky enough to pay for quite a few holidays over the years, as well as business trips abroad and within the UK. 

Describe your personal style...
My personal style changes quite frequently - I look at fashion a bit like fancy dress. Depending on my mood, I could be dressing completely differently to how I did yesterday!

Do you have any tips for other students selling on the platform?
Make sure your photography is up to scratch, this is really important for new sellers. Make sure you style the items well; I personally style outfits how I'd wear them that day. 

I couldn’t have made my brand what it is without social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Advertising through this can be crucial when making sales!

Do you think any of your fellow students would be interested in selling on Marketplace?
Yes, I think even without realising it everyone has something they don’t want in their wardrobe anymore!

Inspired? You can set up shop on Marketplace too - find out more about selling here