The Marketplace Guide to Sale Shopping

The big one is here! It’s the Marketplace end of season sale, and time to stock up sale steals which will see you into next season and beyond. We’re going to show you how with our pick of the best bits…

It’s easy to go overboard during sale season – but we suggest working out your budget beforehand so you don’t get that post-sale shopping remorse that we’re all guilty of! We’re going to be editing down our sale picks by price, so you can shop under £10!

Until then, check out this floral playsuit from Onceuponatime for only £9. Or perhaps you prefer this lace midi from Dead Famous Vintage, at a bargainous £7?


More importantly – think ahead! Choose pieces that you know you’re going to be able to wear in Spring/Summer. Key trends stick around for a few seasons, so sales are the perfect way to stock up on your next-season wardrobe.

We suggest a graphic sweat like the one pictured above from T-Shirt Policy London, now £48.75. Or if you're a '90s lover, get your hands on this slip dress from Peekaboo, now only £18.75.

Items worth splurging on: slogan sweats, sweatshirts and pastels.

The classics

Sales are a great way to stock up on those classic pieces that you’re going to wear year after year. Hunt for pieces that have longevity, such as leather jackets or classic denim. These are items that you would normally be paying top £££ for, so snapping them up during the sale is very clever indeed.

We recommend a classic vintage leather jacket like this one from Emma Warren, just £28.50. A denim jacket is always going to be on your wishlist, so pick up this bargain from Littlebylittle.

Items worth splurging on: leather bags and shoes, classic coats, leather jackets


Sales are a great way to discover new designers – you’re not paying full price for their pieces so you can take the plunge on items that may have been out of your price range previously. Gain a quality wardrobe staple and fall in love with a new brand at the same time!

For example, we love this printed crop from Bukki, a total bargain at £17.50. Also this faux fur collared coat from Missbehaver is a steal at £37.49.

Items worth splurging on: unique designs, one-offs, items built to last.

Things to watch out for…

- Make sure you’re shopping your size! A discount can make those pair of size 5 shoes very tempting indeed, but if you have to squeeze them on, it isn’t worth the investment.
- Think about what you currently own. If the item doesn’t sit well with the rest of your wardrobe, the chances are you’re not going to get much wear out of it!
- Don’t buy anything you don’t LOVE. You won’t wear it more than a couple of times…save your cash for pieces that you can’t be without!

Still having trouble tracking down the best bits? Check out our sale edits!
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