Five Menswear Brands You Need to Know

We've had an influx of a-mazing menswear brands on site, and thought you needed to know. Like, right now. Who better to introduce them than themselves? Read on to find your new faves...

"Camy Clothing was designed for talented creative people with an ‘Obsession 4 Progression’. The brand started in October 2010, launching at a dance battle in London, UK. Since then we have gained awareness on the UK streetdance scene by sponsoring and selling at dance events nationwide, and have recently broadened our market to include extreme sportsmen and women and musicians/artists."

"Here at The Wonders of Vintage we source unique, one-off statement pieces influenced by the 80s and 90s fashion era. We source globally, hand-pick exclusively and price affordably. When it comes to new trends, we like to think ahead. We discover items for those with unique style as well as the individual simply looking for that timeless piece. We are extremely passionate about what we do and love to deliver quality vintage clothing."

"Lola’s Vintage is an affordable vintage fashion brand, selling an eclectic mix of items, sourced from around the world. Our modern take on vintage fashion gives our customers a unique shopping experience. We are continually sourcing products that are both vintage in style and cut, yet wearable with current trends."

"Tailored for the new generation of trendsetters, we offer high fashion, affordable clothing that is guaranteed to get you a second glance every time. So let us think outside the box, innovate and inspire, aim to be bold with your attire. This is not just your average clothing line; it’s a new way of thinking. Simplicity delivered in an ingenious way. Eclectic, vibrant designs catered for the freethinking mind. Be who you want to be without self-imposed barriers or limitations."

"Formed in 2011 by graphic designer, DJ Christopher Bookless, LESS Clothing is a unisex graphic cult brand. Quality and detail lie at the heart of LESS with its signature leatherette cuffs and embossed leather labels giving each tee a limited edition, hand crafted feel.  LESS Clothing is set out to leave its own individual stamp on streetwear as it continues to redefine the wardrobe staples with its bold, contemporary, conceptual and above all iconic designs. Handmade in London UK."